Monday, November 30, 2015

Nauru National and International Issues is Back

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Monday, October 6, 2014

Nation Address by His Excellency Hon. Baron Divavesi Waqa M.P, President of the Republic of Nauru

His Excellency the Hon. Baron Divavesi Waqa M.P, President of the Republic of Nauru today has made a Nation Address.
In his address, His Excellency informed the nation that again all the country's bank accounts in Westpac had been freeze, but this time, by the High Court of NSW.
His Excellency asked the people to stand together in unity and urged others not to use this event to satisfy their political ambitions.
The court case will began sometimes next week in NSW and the Minister for Finance and Justice the Hon. David Adeang M.P, is still in Australia awaiting to appear for the court on behalf of Nauru.
God bless Nauru.

Friday, October 3, 2014

The NSW Supreme Court has Made a Ruling in favour of Nauru

Today is an emotional day for Nauru after receiving good news from the NSW Supreme Court verdict in favour of the country. Because over the past weeks since the news spread about the Firebird court case against the country that resulted in the freezing of all account, people started to ask questions about what could happen to their children, their sick families at home and the hospital, their parents and grandparents who have reached the retirement age and can no longer work and support themselves. 
The question was left over the weeks without answers until today.  
After receiving the news that a decision has been made and the court has dismiss the Firebird claim to freezing all the country’s accounts, big relief is very visible in the eyes of the people and the people thank God for appointing the Judge who handed down the decision, and speak blessing over his life and career to continue to grow in great wisdom as he continues to serve the good people of Australia, in the NSW Supreme Court.
Because in life and death, our nationality doesn’t count, our race doesn’t count and even our names, because we are all human beings, born with a heart and an intelligent brain and if we die we die the same with memories behind with our families, friends and love ones. Though we make mistakes we always endeavour to do better the next day and that what makes us equal under the sun.
Today the people of Nauru can now hug their love ones and tell them that everything is going to be alright and just cannot believe the action of the few people running the company Firebird for bringing this terrible thing upon the nation, because the country has suffered enough already with the stories and remaining evidence of WW2 and the recent and most extreme financial crisis a country can ever imagine in the early millennium, where not just some part of the country suffers for starvation, but the entire nation as a whole.
God bless Nauru

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Entire Nauruan Race is at the Mercy of the NSW Supreme Court, Australia

It is about a week now and almost everywhere you walk around the country or go in Nauru, you will hear the same concern raised over and over again by the people. That concern is about the Firebird court case against Nauru.

Anxiety is continuing to grow and grow rapidly on the island after the news and radio reports about the Supreme Court action in NSW to freezing all the country’s money in it bank account at Westpac because of the debts the country owed to a company called Firebird of $30million.
The Minister of Finance Mr. David Adeang has informed the NSW Supreme Court that the country will shortly run out of cash, after making its latest round of government salary payment.
This week, panic has struck the hearts of the people, because they know that whatsoever happen to the country will happen to everyone across the board. Old or young, male or female, weak or strong everyone will suffer and especially those parents with infants.
Now everyone in Nauru is waiting for the final verdict of the NSW Supreme Court, as their lives all lies in the hand of one person, the Judge who will be handing down the decision this week.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Adjournment Debate By the Hon. Milton Dube M.P.

During the adjournment debate in parliament this evening, the Honourable Member for Aiwo Mr. Milton Dube informed parliament that he had been approached by members of his constituency on the issue relating to the Constitutional – Leadership Code Amendment Bill. According to the Honourable Member, he was questioned about his position for not supporting the move to pushing the bill through and was criticised for corruption.

The Honourable Member said;
“The reason I am not supporting the bill is because I am still not sure about how the bill will impact the country once it comes into force.” He said; “Unless the mover or the supporting party are able to compromise with us on the context of the bill, for our wishes to be represented, then that will be our way forward.”
Some of the issues raised by the Member include; the appointment of the ombudsman, the ombudsman general powers and functions that the new bill is proposing that could overturn the powers of the President of the Republic of Nauru and the Speaker of Parliament, which is very unusual in nature, giving the contradiction of the bill with the Constitution of Nauru.
According to the Honourable Member for Aiwo, he said;
“What if the person appointed as the ombudsman is corrupted and working corruptly in harmony with the ruling party in parliament? How are the members of the opposition party including their voters are going feel?”
The Honourable Member add;
“Corruption is a global issue. Leadership code or no leadership code, ombudsman or no ombudsman, corruption will always find it way.” The Honourable Member continues saying; “Even the great King Arthur of England round table cannot address the issue of corruption and worst, even the Lord Jesus round table during the last supper is unable to address this issue, because it involves money and money has controlled Judas to betray the Lord.”
Before the Honourable Member conclude is adjournment debate, he said;
“The best way to address the issue of corruption without the leadership code, is for each and every individual member to observe the coat of arm which states; God’s Will First and if they find it in themselves unable to do so, then they should resign from their positions as member of parliament, because that is the right thing to do and that is leadership code in itself put into practice and action, than just words only.”
The message delivered by the Honourable Member for Aiwo the Hon. Milton Dube is very powerful and straight forward for all those in parliament who claim to be righteous.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Back to News Update on Nauru for 2014

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This is to advise that the Nauru National and International Issues (NNII) is back!!! So stay tune for more Nauru Social and Political News Update.

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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Australian Immigration Minister Burke Visit to Nauru

Australia’s Minister for Immigration, Multicultural Affairs and Citizenship, Tony Burke and a small delegation visited Nauru (26 July) to meet with the Nauru Government and visit the Regional Processing Centre.

Photographic image taken by Mr. Clint Deidenang

Mr Burke and his delegation were briefed by the Australian High Commission and members of DIAC before making his first courtesy visit to the President of the Republic of Nauru His Excellency Hon. Baron Waqa followed by Justice Minister David Adeang.

The small delegation then visited the two sites of the RPC before departing the country later on in the afternoon. 


Nauru’s Acting President and Minister for Justice Hon David Adeang says the Friday riot which destroyed most of the facilities at the Regional Processing Centre (RPC) does not change Nauru’s commitment to hosting the Centre. “Australia hasn’t asked for changes and we haven’t put any forward, so yes it’s business as usual,” the acting president said.

“There will of course be extra measures taken now to  enhance security  protocols  and  features associated with managing the RPC and  these  are  being  addressed, together  with  a  consideration of  greater  effort  to  enhance the  determination  process  and communicating  with  the  asylum seekers about  this process and  the state of their determination.”

Nauru will also be shortly assuming greater control and responsibility of the Centres through Administrative Arrangements supporting the bilateral Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) governing the processing of asylum seekers.

The  administrative  arrangements will assist  the Government of Nauru  in particular  to  stay  on  top  of  operational issues  over  the  RPC  including  the welfare of asylum seekers. The  riot  that  erupted  in  fames  and violence  at  the  RPC  at  the  weekend (19 July) destroying buildings and food supplies  for  the  camp  is  estimated  at $60-million.

Mr  Adeang  toured  the  site  this  week (22  July)  with  cabinet  ministers  and members  of  parliament  and  saw  the destruction frst hand. The  wreckage  is  being  bulldozed  and cleared  to  make  way  for  rebuilding which  is  estimated  to  be  ready  in  six months.

All  eight  accommodation  blocks  each housing between 44 to 88 people, office blocks,  and  medical  facilities  were burnt  to  the  ground,  including  half the  new  kitchen  which  had  just  been commissioned three days before the riot. Up to 400 asylum seekers are still at the Centre and now living in tents until more suitable accommodation can be erected.

They are receiving food and medical treatment. Court proceedings for 152 asylum seekers in police custody are underway. On  24  July  the District Court of  Nauru  denied  bail  for  the men,  however  bail hearings commenced  a  day  later  (25 July). 

The  initial  charges  are unlawful  assembly  and  riot, with  additional  charges expected  including  arson  on public buildings. The  latter  charge  would require  a  hearing  in  the Supreme  Court  with  a committal  process  in  the District Court initially.

The asylum seekers appeared before Resident Magistrate Peter Law in groups of ten to 12. The asylum seekers are being represented by court appointed lawyers. Each group was aided by an interpreter.

Information copy pasted from Nauru Bulletin 26 July 2013 - no.88 


26th July 2013
-Media Release-
(Information copy pasted from GIO)
On 25th July, the District Court heard applications from twenty asylum seekers defendants seeking bail in respect to charges of ‘Riot’ and ‘unlawful assembly’ arising from an incident on 19th July 2013.  One of the defendants was discharged when the prosecution sought leave to withdraw the charges against him.  On 26th July, the District Court heard applications from a further 40 defendants.  The cases were presented by three court appointed lawyers for the defendants and translators provided interpretation for the defendants.
The Court considered issues raised by the legal representatives including the presumption in favour of bail, the seriousness of the charges, the prospect of re-offending, the oppressive nature of the current detention in which 150 asylum seekers are detained along with 16 prisoners in the Nauru Correctional Centre.  Further issues put to the court included the fact that there is no accommodation available at the Regional Processing Centre and the prospect of re-housing the defendants in tents will not be available until the end of next week, beginning of following week commencing 5th August 2013. 
The Court refused bail in respect to three asylum seeker defendants.  The remaining asylum seeker defendants were granted bail to commence from 5th August through to 8thAugust on strict conditions, requiring each of them to enter agreements to not to commit offences and to obey any directions of staff at the Regional Processing Centre and to attend court on 2nd September 2013. 
Peter Law
Resident Magistrate
Media contacts:
+674 557 3099

Friday, July 26, 2013


Former Chief Justice of Nauru Henry Barwick (Barry) Connell passed away recently (21 May) at the age of 85 in Melbourne Australia, after a long illness. 

His Excellency President Baron Waqa said the government and the country are saddened to hear of his passing. “It is with much sadness that we lament the passing of the late Barry Connell who was a highly valued and good friend of the whole country.

“As a former Chief Justice he distinguished himself as one of the fnest we have known, acting with consideration and integrity. He identified himself with us consistently through both good times and bad.

“On behalf of all Nauruans we extend our deepest sympathy to his family at this time of loss,” Nauru President Baron Waqa said. Mr Connell had a distinguished career working for the Government of Nauru which began in 1971.

He was appointed Chief Secretary and Secretary for External Affairs in late 1971 as well as Secretary to Cabinet. Mr Connell was further appointed as Counsel assisting the Commission of Inquiry established by former president, the late Hammer De Roburt, to look into the rehabilitation of the mined out phosphate lands of Nauru. 

He further represented Nauru in The Hague at the International Court of Justice in 1991 in the case concerning Nauru’s phosphate land. The  legal  team which  represented Nauru  in  its  case  seeking  compensation  for  the  rehabilitation was  led  by  Professor  Sir  Ian Brownlie Q.C. The case was settled in favour of Nauru with signifcant compensation being paid.

Those who were fortunate to have met and worked with Mr Connell describe him as a gentleman whose dedication to Nauru was immense. Mr Connell was working from Melbourne Australia as Vice Chairman of the Board of the Nauru Air Corporation, director of the Nauru Rehabilitation Corporation and a trustee of the Nauru Phosphate Royalties Trust.

Mr Connell was appointed Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Nauru in February 2001 and retired in 2006. Mr Connell is survived by his wife, Marlene, daughter Jacqueline, grandchildren Samantha, Thomas, Warwick and Georgina and stepchildren.

The Nauru Bulletin thanks Helen Bogdan for supplying the photo and much of the background about Mr Connell

Copy pasted from Nauru Bulletin – Page 6